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Little Tigers (Age 4-5)

 We strongly believe that no one is too young, or too old, to learn. Early childhood is extremely important as they start to learn how to make their own judgements and build their unique character. A fundamental step of  guiding children to build positive and confident traits is exposing children to positive environments. We strive to work with young children to build their confidence, discipline, self-control, focus, and respect so children can build their own positive character for their long adventure that is ahead of them.


Tigers (Age 6-12)

As children grow and start to socialize with others at home and school, we seek to spread positive influence on both mentality and physical abilities of each student. Along with our physical endurance, self-defence, flexibility, and physical coordination programs, we also heavily focus on moral development. In our everyday program, students learn how to respect themselves and others, self-control, focus, and be confident and discpline. We have one fundamental goal: Teach students to be the best they can, wherever they go. 


Teens & Adults

Teenagers/ Adult Program focuses heavily on the physical conditioning and self defense without missing out on the mental strength. Taekwondo is perfect for young adults and adults who are looking for a physical fitness that focuses  on building  both positive mental and physical life style, self-defense, physical endurance, and an inner calm that will relieve stress from a long day. There is no age limit to Taekwondo. Talk to us to learn how to begin your new chapter!
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